Learning Objectives and Expectations

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role that blogging plays in your content strategy
  • Recognize the value of gated content in developing leads and building authority
  • Identify ways to share your content once it’s on your site

Who Is This Course For?

Marketers who have a solid understanding of:

  • Their overarching goals (thought leadership, lead generation, improved organic search, sales enablement).
  • Their audience personas.
  • Their place in the industry through regular competitive analysis.

Marketers who want to create a foundation for their sales and nurturing funnels with blog posts and gated content, either by starting a new blog or revamping a previously created one.

What Can You Expect?

This course is a focused module of the Content Marketing Strategy course. The Blogging and Gated Content module can help you build a foundation for your content strategy by establishing your voice and process and create pieces to link to as part of your sales and nurturing strategy. The module closes with tips on incorporating email into your strategy to promote the owned content you create.

Helpful Prerequisite Information

Before enrolling in this module, we recommend that you have a solid understanding of your content marketing goals, your audience, your messaging, and the conversations that are already happening in your industry. We also recommend that you have a content management system in place to manage your blog and landing pages for gated content.


  1. Learning objectives and expectations
  2. Introducing your guides
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Getting started with blogging
  5. Pillar posts and topic clusters
  6. Creating blog guidelines
  7. The power of gated content
  8. Drip campaigns
  9. Email newsletters
  10. Social media and your content marketing strategy
  11. Using social media to share your content
  12. LinkedIn and Medium: owned but off-site

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